Bikini Area Hair Removal

You can remove unwanted hair using different methods. When it comes to bikini area, it becomes tricky for many reasons. The site is sensitive. Self-shaving becomes difficult. Waxing may be very painful. Electrolysis may be time consuming? Laser may be costly. What should a girl do? Let us discuss.


With shaving, there are possibilities of bikini bumps. Shaving has to be repeated frequently and the stubble that grows after shaving may be irritating. There are also chances of cutting yourself with shaving.


With electrolysis the removal is practically permanent. But some people find it painful. It is also quite time taking. You have to expose yourself unlike shaving but that also applies to waxing and laser.


Waxing can be very painful. If you are taking Vitamin A derivatives or using them your skin can become very sensitive and tear. Waxing is also not permanent and it is reported that some parlors reuse the wax.


This is a permanent method of removal. The hair may grow again but will be finer and less. Except cost, everything goes in favor of laser hair removal from bikini area.

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