Buy Cheap Paintball Masks

Paintball masks are the most important safety equipment for paintball players. They act as protection for the eyes from the harmful chemicals that are contained in paintballs. Since the eyes are the most sensitive parts of the face, they must be protected when playing paintball.

If you are serious about getting on the paintball field, then you must start by getting a paintball mask of your own. Paintball masks can be bought in many sports shops that carry paintball supplies. These supplies are available in different price ranges and some brands are less expensive that others. Players can check to find the less expensive paintball masks which are on the market.

If a paintball player wants a less expensive mask he may want to check the VForce Vantage paintball mask whose price ranges from $25 to $40. A player can enjoy savings with this brand and the durability is not sacrificed. Aside from being inexpensive, they are easy to clean and can be comfortable.

Or you may want to consider the Proto Switch El. This mask has been proven to offer comfort as well as a better field of vision. However, a difficulty with the Proto Switch El masks is that they may be bulky and are sometimes “itchy”. But even with these disadvantages, the mask is able to compete in the market at a low price of $25.

There is also the VForce Armor, which is sold for as little as $35. Some shops may even offer it at a lower price. The mask has proper ventilation and is free from fog and ensures that the users get the protection they need. However, some people who have tested the product have found that the pads are hard which makes them uncomfortable when playing paintball.

If a player is seeking a price and style, he may consider buying the JT USA Elite Headshield. This mask has unique features that are unlike other masks. It covers both the front and back of the head and is priced at $30. The lens were proven to have wider range of vision, however, the lens only come as singles.

Before buying a mask research the different brands and prices that are available. Also consult with your friends and other paintball players to determine what brands they recommend. Many inexpensive masks can be purchased but you should still consider the quality, comfort and safety of these masks and make the right decision regardless of the price.