Common Hair Loss Treatments

If you are a man, it is quite common that you may experience some hair loss in your lifetime. Many men lose hair when they are in their twenties; some are a little luckier and lose their hair in their late forties. If you have noticed that you have lost your hair, there are a couple of treatments available. Here are some tips.

Hair loss is very common, however it is very difficult for many men to deal with. Hair loss can affect a person’s looks and self esteem. If you are losing your hair there are two main treatments that have been proven effective. They are topical treatments and a drug that works via pill form.

Topical treatments include Rogaine, which has the effective ingredient Minoxodil. Minoxodil has been proven effective, but does not grow your entire hair back. Depending on where the loss of hair is located, you can see some moderate regrowth from Minoxodil. Minoxodil is a solution that is topical; you apply it to your scalp twice a day. It is usually inexpensive, costing about $20 per month.

Propecia is a pill that can be taken by men experiencing hair loss; it is proven effective and usually works better than Minoxodil. You take the pill once a day and can significantly regrow your hair or slow down how much hair you lose. However it is not a miracle drug and won’t regrow all your hair back. So if you are losing your hair, look into these two possible treatments.