Deforestation Facts And Myths

Deforestation facts include those which say that it is both a positive and a negative process. Although many humans think ugly things when they hear of deforestation, not all media hypes they listen to is true. Some may be speaking the truth and others may not, but the important thing is knowing that the information you receive is credible enough to be believed upon.

Whenever the topic of deforestation is brought up, the usual things that spring in people’s minds are mostly negative thoughts. Perhaps, the environmentalists› point of view plus the media drove people to feeling this way about deforestation. However, not all that everybody presumes is true, some of it may contain an ample amount of truth but not totally factual. To remove bias off the system, it is essential to check the fine line between what is good and what is bad in deforestation. Of course, the greater good tells us that deforestation is something negative, but let us try to see why deforestation could also benefit mankind.

Are There Really Benefits In Deforestation?

Deforestation has been practiced worldwide by many developing countries; it has contributed much to the present civilization. Regrettably, men used it for greed which inevitably resulted to unpleasant effects. The agricultural practices that were once known to do good to people are now considered damaging rather than benefiting; and government neglect has become so rampant that deforestation has never been controlled through the thickness of time.

At a time though, deforestation has shown us some of its greatest profits; and these were all directed for the use and consumption of men. If handled controllably, then it could not have resulted to the way things are at the present moment.

Here are among the most treasured benefits that deforestation once brought to the civilization: forests made it possible to widen the human world; conversion of forested areas to cultivated lands for food and raw material growth; huge source of lumber for manufacturing purposes such as furniture, houses, and even napkins and toilet papers; and lastly, deforestation made it possible to get millions of people employed in the lumber industry or some other huge corporations.

True enough, there are benefits that can be derived from deforestation. However, one should be responsible and conscientious enough to make sure that deforestation won’t lead to greed for money. Nevertheless, it is quite late to say now that men have not been using deforestation as a means of earning a good living. More and more people destroy our forests to profit and make money out of it. Even if deforestation offers a heap of benefits, humans should always try to see its many drawbacks too.

The Myths

Although there are quite a number of advantages in clearing the woods, the good it that brings does not outweigh the evil it possesses. Even if it may be true that it brought help to mankind, the disastrous outcomes alongside with it should also be looked into. The deforestation facts will help make us realize what a myth is and what is not. Myths are often talked about topics that are considered a history because it is not factual at all.

Just like deforestation, its advantages are frequently the topics nowadays, but its drawbacks are far greater than the good it brings; thus, every «good» there is in deforestation should be considered a myth.