Does Moon Really Influences Hair Growth

Once I was surfing through the web and found a very interesting article about all popular superstitions that deal with hair. One of them especially sparked my interest. The author said that, despite of common belief, in no way possible can moon influence hair growth, because it simply cannot be, and that all this is granny’s tales.

Well, of course, many of the scientists may lead you into long and dull calculations about how this influences that, and whether this influence is generally possible. But let’s look closer at this concept.

When I was at the high school, my teacher of physics showed us simple formula how one physical body influences other physical body. Of course, she was speaking about the planets and really huge bodies. But I can give you three reasons why this law is true for all existing physical bodies, no matter how small, tiny, or minuscule they are.

Reason #1: Everything in the World Is Interconnected

General science speaks that every part of the Universe is guided by some laws of existence, and that world is divided into parts that we see and that we can’t see. Moreover, every one of us knows that something small creates big.

In other words, all of us are made of particles that we can’t see, and the big world is made of small things the same way.

Now let’s think about this: if everything is guided by laws, and big world and small one are interconnected, then this leads to a conclusion that we are connected to the world, too and influenced by the general laws of its existence.

Reason one is proved.

Reason #2: Big Influences Small

Returning to my sweet teacher of physics, let’s look closer at the laws of the mutual influence.

Who said that we are not influenced by the planet, OR planets? For example, there are weather sensitive people, whose state of health depends on sunny or rainy weather and atmospheric pressure. People are small and the planet is huge, planet influences people, big influences small.

So, why does something that is generally and physically possible seem so impossible to the self-oriented humans?

Let’s assume reason two is proved, too.

Reason #3: Stars Are Not Simply Dots in the Sky

This reason is my final argument for those who know that world goes round, but are not likely to believe it.

There is an astronomy and astrology. Each of these sciences deals with stars. One predicts the future, second studies movements of the planets. First science isn’t regarded by some of us as a science at all, second uses so many gadgets and technical devices, that almost all of us believe it. Of course, tabloid horoscopes do not add faith in the truthfulness of the predictions.

But do you know that ancient Arabs made long and complicated calculations that were written in separate huge books to get the right future forecast for the single person? These calculations usually took several weeks to finish; they required not only the exact date of your birth, but also exact day, hour, minute, even second of birth of your parents, some of the relatives, even strangers.

Moreover, they took into account positions of the planets, the Sun, the Moon, the Earth itself. And these positions were calculated in the same way as they are calculated now by modern scientists, who use fast computers and latest gadgets.

So, as you see, once astrology was rather exact, complicated and demanding science that was later abused and misled.

Now we read horoscopes just for fun, and don’t know their true history and nature. To say more, astronomy takes its origin from the astrology, because first star charts and observations were brought from Arabian countries.

But I won’t say that stars influence our future. What I really want to say is that stars influence our health and state of mood by the magnetic and physical interconnection with the Earth, which, in its turn, influences us directly.

So, even if you do not believe that stars influence you, they do influence every part of the world you live in, and these parts, in their turn, have a certain impact on you.

Reason three is proved.

When it comes to the growth or fading of the Moon and its influence on hair growth, the existence of such is explained by firm and solid law of nature.

The Moon and the Earth are bound by the mutual attraction. High and low tides of the Ocean exist because the Moon approaches and moves away from the Earth in a six-hour cycle. The growth-fading lunar cycle has eight stages, and this cycle influences the Earth in the same way as the six-hour cycle does.

Moreover, the Moon rotates around its axis, as well as around the Earth, along oval orbit, so there are points when the Moon is closer to the Earth and when the Moon is further from the Earth. It all moves us into complicated eight-staged ellipse lunar cycle.
Lunar cycle leads to the minor changes in the atmospheric pressure and the power of the Earth gravity. In its turn this affects animal and human health and behavior. For example, doctors report an increase in epileptic seizures and bleeding ulcers at the time of the full moon.
Gravity is one of the Earth’s strongest forces, so you can’t ignore the Moon.
If we now think more about certain similarities between natural world and human organism, we will see that plants and herbs grow better or worse according to the lunar cycle. Moreover, it is a common practice when coffee trader view chart of the winter full moon to plan their coffee sales. The connection between the full moon and plant growth is so well established that it affects investment patterns.

Hair growth is affected by the Moon in the same way, as anything else on the planet. When the gravity changes, state of your health changes, too. With the lower gravity, even if the change is so small that you don’t feel it, your hair grows slower. It happens in the beginning of the moon cycle and in the middle, on the full moon.

During the new moon and the old moon, the gravity is bigger, and the hair grows faster. Thus, the perfect time for visiting your stylist is on the 3-11th days of the moon cycle, as well as on17-24th days. Your hair will grow faster during these days.

Even if you do not believe all of the said, you can’t deny the influence of gravity on human organism. Thus, there really are certain connections and influences of the Moon on the hair growth.

There are only few reminding to those who expect miracles:
• Changes in Earth’s gravity are very small, so you shouldn’t expect fantastic results.
• If your stylist has a “heavy” hand and your hair doesn’t grow back in two weeks after hair cut, you shouldn’t expect a miraculous hair growth, too.
• If your hair is in unhealthy condition, it will use any opportunity to revive itself first, and only then it will grow longer.
• My last reminding is that if you used to have short haircut, and now you’ve decided to grow your hair long, it will take time, doesn’t matter when you cut your hair, and who cuts it. Our hair grows only up to 5-7 mm per month, and this is a proven scientific fact.

So, whether or not you believe that the Moon and hair growth are connected, you would agree that as long as you live on the planet, you will feel, consciously or subconsciously, all changes and influences made by our planet and its counterparts.