Getting a Prescription for Acne Medication

Some people have acne so intense that it is necessary for them to seek professional help. For some people, they must see a dermatologist to help with this annoying problem. When they go to the dermatologist for help, they will sometimes recommend a prescribe acne medication to help with the problem.

There are many prescription medications that are used today to help treat acne. Most of them are applied to the skin and are used for mild to severe acne. There are however, other methods of treating acne from the inside out and those require an oral method of taking the acne medications. This is important for people that have extensive acne problems that keep getting worse instead of better.

There are some dermatologists that use therapy to help control an acne problem for some of their patients. For this to occur, the acne has to be so severe and intense that there are no other methods of treatment working or if the patient and the acne is not responding to any other form of treatment.

There are also acne medications that are taken by mouth. These are antibiotics that a patient has to take on a regular basis to help control the acne. The dosage will usually start out high and then lessen as it is becoming effective.

There are also injections that can be a form of acne medication. This is used to treat severe acne and it will help to prevent scarring. Again this method is used for the people that have acne so severe and no other method of treatment is working to their benefit.

A lot of women will use oral contraceptives to help control their acne. This form or acne medication will affect the hormones in a women’s body and will lessen the chance of them having acne. This is a great idea for women who have an acne problem and want to take a contraceptive at the same time. There are some women however, that it has the reverse effect on.

There are a variety of different creams and ointments to use for acne medication as well. These are found both in the store and sold as prescriptions. The more intense creams and ointments are prescribed and do cost more. When you have a complex form of acne that is hard to treat, this is when the prescription medications have to be used.

It is all up to the person with acne if they think that they should seek professional help for their acne medication or not. They will know when they can no longer take care of the problem and need to have help.