If your doctor says you have diabetes, this can be frightening and discouraging news. However, with modern technology, good management techniques and available treatments for diabetes, you can still live long and well.

A prediabetic diagnosis should be taken just as seriously. You can prevent or delay the onset of type 2 diabetes by losing 10% of your weight, making healthier food choices and taking regular brisk walks.

Diabetes is a hereditary disease. Your genes can predispose you to this disease. However, lifestyle and diet are important contributing factors. There is much you can do on your own to manage the condition. It’s equally important to follow your doctor’s advice for the treatments for diabetes. Here’s a snapshot overview of some effective management techniques.

Your blood glucose levels are the benchmark by which a diagnosis is made. Daily monitoring, at intervals prescribed by your doctor, gives you a reading of your blood sugar at fasting, mealtime and post-meal levels. This helps you manage your diet effectively. Your doctor will also test your A1C levels regularly to measure your average glucose levels over a 1-3 month period. This test is the best measure of your overall condition, so don’t miss any of your appointments!

Treatments for diabetes include medications to even out your blood sugar levels throughout the day, with others to protect kidney and heart function. Diabetics typically develop heart or circulatory related problems. Your doctor will check your blood pressure and cholesterol levels at appointments, as serious complications can be warded off with medications or lifestyle treatments for diabetic related conditions.

Diabetes may affect the eyes, specifically damaging the retina and optic nerve. A yearly eye exam is necessary in the management and treatment of diabetes. Early diagnosis can reverse some damage.

Now for some good news: many of the effective treatments for diabetes are entirely in your control. Your diet and lifestyle are paramount. One major dietary culprit in the development of diabetes is found in soda and other beverages containing high levels of sugar. If you consume lots of soda, you can dramatically cut your blood sugar levels by absolutely cutting soda from your diet. This can be the single best change you can make to treat diabetes.

If you’re overweight, lose it! Make your goal sensible, perhaps 1-2 pounds per week. This helps keep your heart healthy and gives you more energy to stay active.

Exercise regularly! It needn’t be rigorous. Every little bit helps. Staying as active as possible helps you lose weight and improve heart function. Exercise is a treatment for diabetes that can well save your life! Proper management of this disease can lower your risk for diabetes complications and give you a long, full life.