Hair is a wonderful thing

Humans love this natural feature, whether they are male or female. This is why it’s such a bummer if your follicles ever fall out, hence leaving you hairless up top. One thing I’ve noticed is how different races have different types of hair. This is great in my opinion. Diversity is what makes the world beautiful. Take African American hair for example. Although I never really though of it as different from my own as a child, I soon learned other wise. As my best friend from high school put it, «White folks have different hair than we do. We have to work to make ours soft.» This was peculiar to me at the time, but of course isn’t any more. I’ve actually come to notice differences in many races and their hair types and styles over the years.

The weave is very common with African American hair. This is a way to alter and add to the dew you already have. Maybe you want a different color weaved in or a longer style. It can all be done. One style I’ve always loved regarding African American hair is corn rows. It just doesn’t work the same when other races do it. Now, for those of you who don’t have a clue, African American hair is drier and coarser in general. Not to mention curlier. This is why black men may suffer a little more with razor bumps. No, it has nothing to do with your poor shaving habits. It’s actually related more to the curly coarseness of your beard. Since the whiskers are so curly, they tend to turn back up under the skin easier, hence causing razor bumps. You may want to try an electric or clippers instead of a blade.

We should all appreciate and embrace the hair we’re given. Work with what you have. Forget about everyone else. This is what my mother always told me. Whether you have Asian, Caucasian or African American hair doesn’t matter. With the salon technology available now days, you can alter your hair style and color to any way, shape or form you please. If you do have African American hair, it is prudent to visit a stylist who’s familiar with African American hair and styles. This will ensure better results.