How Does Vitamin Deficiency Cause Acne

Acne is a major concern in the world today. As the media continues to grow, people become more and more self conscious and worry about their looks constantly. Acne is a major cause of low self esteem in many people and this can lead to future problems. There is a huge push in the fight against acne and the high sales of acne fighting products shows this. However, there are a few other methods to help battle acne that should also be considered.

Before thinking about treating acne, one should know the basics of it. Although the basic causes of pimples is unknown, what is known is that they are caused by the pore collapsing on itself and preventing the sebum (the oil) from escaping. Causes of acne can range from hormones, diet, biology (genes), vitamin deficiency, and stress. Most often the causes involve a variety of these factors.

Since the exact cause of pimples and acne can’t be traced and targeted, dealing with the other factors that can lead to acne is the next best thing. Obviously, medication can’t help things like biology, hormones, and stress. However, diet and vitamin deficiency are two important factors that should be considered when looking to combat acne. Whenever a person considers taking steps to fight their acne, looking to change their diet and increase their consumption of certain vitamins should be at the top of their list and should always be involved in their battle plan.

While there are many vitamins that can all contribute to the vitamin deficiency that can be a factor in causing acne, the main ones are Vitamins A, B, C, E, Chromium, and Zinc. The simple fact is that most people are deficient of vitamins and minerals, most in fact, due to diet habits. In fact, it is estimated that only between 10-20% of Americans actually consume the recommended amount of most vitamins and minerals. Due to this, it is no wonder that vitamin deficiencies led their hand to many problems such as causing acne.

You’re probably thinking, «How can vitamins possibly help?» Well, one important thing to remember is that your skin is the largest organ on your body. Although the outer layer may be dead cells, the skin is still a living, growing, replenishing organ that requires nutrients and case just like any other organ in the body. A lack of these nutrients can cause many problems, one of them being that nuisance acne, and it important to keep the body and the skin well nurtured.

No vitamin is a miracle cure that will wipe acne out of your life and be some sort of savior. However, used in combination with other methods of acne prevention and cleansing, vitamins help to flush out the skin and actually promote the defense against acne. Many of the vitamins mentioned are antioxidants and will help to flush toxins and free radicals from the body, including the skin. Other vitamins have antibacterial effects and actually help to fight acne before it starts. Both of these are extremely important factors in fighting and preventing acne.

It is also very important to note that any vitamin taken too excessively is toxic and can lead to many negative effects and is very dangerous. Remember, these aren’t miracle cures. Fighting acne is not a quick process, it takes time, and taking too many vitamins not only won’t clear up the acne any quicker but it also will can cause illness and other problems. Be patient and smart about any vitamins you decide to take.