How To Get Hair

How to get hair that makes others envious? What qualities are needed for that? How to manage hair so that it remains healthy at all the times and how to avoid hair damage? Some important questions that need to be answered to get hair that makes others envious. Here are few quick tips-

Hair Care Tip 1

Brush gently. Don’t brush wet hair. Untangle hair with fingers gently. Any rough action will damage the cuticle and expose the shaft. This causes long-term damage to the hair. Keep your cuticles healthy and half the battle is won. Cuticles are like the walls of a house. If the walls are strong the house will remain strong, otherwise everything will come down.

Hair Care Tip 2

Healthy cuticles- to manage the health of the cuticles use a leave in conditioner. Don’t use harsh detergents or soaps on the hair. Avoid all types of chemical treatments and avoid heat as much as possible. All the chemical treatments damage the cuticle. Otherwise they would not work. Keep away from sunshine because sun damages hair. Wear a hat that does not allow light to enter. Whenever you go for a swim in the sea, wear a protective cap and take bath immediately afterwards. Chlorine in the swimming pools can damage the hair. Take protection from that. After swimming in the pool, use a detergent that will neutralize the chlorine. If you don’t take these steps, you may even suffer hair loss.

These are some small tips to protect your hair. Like Rome, good and healthy scalp hair does not build in a day. Take care everyday and get envious looks from others.

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