How to Use Your Feminine and Masculine Energy While in Business

If we look at a list of the top CEOs in the world, almost all of them are men. If we look at the US, there has never been a woman president, though there have been female statesmen at the head of many other countries for many years. Why is this the case?

It isn’t simply an issue of gender; it is an issue of masculine versus feminine energy. Male energy is very action-oriented, driving hard and not permitting there to be more than one way to do things or look at things. Female energy on the other hand is very creative, flowing and allows for other approaches and points of view.

Both men and women possess masculine and feminine energies. It has nothing to do with sexual orientation and everything to do with action and communication. Yin and yang, Shakti and Shiva, female and male energies, have been seen as different for thousands of years, and the goal has been to balance them in order to maintain harmony.

There are a number of ways to use your feminine energy in the workplace without seeming too «weak» or «girlie».

A Harmonious Workplace

«Business as usual» is the attitude in most companies; one that is driven into workers no matter what the reality of the situation and economy. Emotions are discouraged, action is encouraged, and any voice of seeming dissent is disregarded or gotten rid of through lay-offs.

But workers are human beings, not human doings. They will also get disgusted and leave a company where they feel they are not being valued as people. Women will often be those who work harder even under the toughest circumstances, and also set the tone. Women are more comfortable with strong emotions than men and can therefore express them in positive, problem-solving ways, not fly off the handle and bully others the way some male managers will.

A Creative Workspace

Feminine energy also leads to more creativity, something that is not usually encouraged in businesses where people just want to get the job done and go home. «I wonder what would happen if,» is not a dangerous phrase in a work environment that is feminine in nature, and that’s where true innovation and achievement can begin.

Nurturing Leadership and Mentorship

Feminine leadership tends to be more nurturing, and like a mentor-mentee relationship. Look at the number of women who go into education and work as teachers. Yet most administrative roles such as principal and dean go to men. Women value connection and foster personal growth in the workplace. They understand the value of team work, not the «lone wolf» approach.

Women can also transition from masculine to feminine energy more easily. It is great to get input about a new project, but it is also essential to meet the deadlines.

Women entrepreneurs should not make any apology for their feminine energy or try to «man up». Instead, they need to embrace the differences and study the best times to switch from one energy type to the other, in order to run their business efficiently.