Hunting Dog Training

There are forms of hunting which are now illegal in the UK but some forms of hunting are not. Bird hunting seems to be a popular hunting sport for dogs and handlers. Hunting dog training is a lengthy, time consuming process which at the end is very worth it! You have to be completely dedicated and willing to put in a great deal of time to get the desired effects.

There are three essential commands when teaching your dog to hunt. The commands are «whoa», «come» and «heel». Handlers believe that «whoa» is the most important of all three and is crucial when hunting birds, your dog needs to understand that when you say «whoa» you need to your dog to stop completely in its tracks, no matter where it is or what it is doing, this command is not only helpful in hunting but can also save your dog’s life in other situations such as traffic!

Hunting dog training is quite a specific training field and needs to be done by professional hunters. They have the best knowledge and information on how to optimise your dog’s hunting potential. Many people think hunters use their dogs but they adore their dogs very much and treasure them as they would children, in fact most of them are like little spoiled kids!

Hunters believe that if you can «whoa» your dog you have the hardest part over and done with. You can make him stand still while you rush to him and congratulate him on a hard days work, that’s what it’s all about; making sure your dog knows he’s done good! Always take a lot of time praising him in a soft soothing voice, dogs are born to make their masters happy and when he knows what makes (he will know because you praise him when he does what makes you happy) you happy he will constantly get better and better at the task you are asking him to do.

Apparently even the best champion only ever has his dog command «whoa», «come» and «heel». His dog does it to perfection though. A lot of breeds of dog today are being interbred to produce a perfect hunting dog. All dogs have a great potential to become the greatest hunting dog in the world, you just need to give him some hunting dog training. Experts say that half an hour a day when the dog is under one year old, and when the dog is over the year mark one hour a day three days a week is all it takes to train your dog in the ways of a hunter!