Las Vegas Bachelor Parties

As Wild As They Come

Throwing Las Vegas Bachelor Parties for your friend can be a memorable way to send him into husbandhood. Take a weekend with the guys to gamble, drink, and yes, see the strippers. Las Vegas Bachelor Parties provide great memories for a man.

When you are first planning your Vegas Bachelor Parties, keep in mind what you’re friend’s tastes are.

While prostitution is not legal in Vegas itself, 60 miles away, the Chicken House and Sheri’s Ranch are easily accessible by cab.

If his taste’s don’t run in that direction, there are a number of topless and strip clubs within Vegas itself. Crazy Girls at the Rivera is the longest running topless show in town (so they must be doing something right!) Jubilee at Bally’s, Folies Bergere at the Tropicana, Fantasy Topless Show at the Luxor, and Crazy Horse Topless at the MGM Grand are other strip based shows.

The other “strip” in Vegas is the more traditional strip club. Vegas Bachelor Parties often include trips to these “Gentleman’s Clubs.” Some of them actually have a good deal of female customers who are interested in seeing the show when they’re out of their hometown. The Girls of Glitter Gulch which is near the Freemont Street Experience is one example. Places farther away from the Strip and Freemont Street tend to be mostly guys and feature nudes.

If your friend wants a more “high minded” experience, consider taking him to Zuma, the sexuality based Cirque de Soliel event in the New York New York Hotel and Casino.

While you are having one of these Vegas Bachelor Parties, consider a package deal. For under $200 a person, you can get a VIP host, limo transfer to clubs, and entrance to two or more hot clubs. Drinks are not included.

But, there is more to do with Vegas Bachelor Parties than have sexually related experiences. Casino gambling and sports gambling are, of course, what the city is all about. Consider taking a trip during the Superbowl or March Madness so that you can all bet on your favorite teams.

If you do decide to take the husband to be on one of these Vegas Bachelor Parties I’ve described, you need to make sure that the guys you are going with are all in sync. If most of you want to have a “grown up” experience and you take along someone who still has the mindset of a frat boy, there’s bound to be trouble.

You should also know that it is not cool for the groom to have to pay his own way. Everyone should consider that chipping in a share of his expenses just a cost of the trip.

If you want to give the groom a weekend to remember before his wife takes over his life, consider one of these Vegas Bachelor Parties.