Let’s talk about hormones and acne

How do you think these two totally separate entities are related? Well, it’s rather simple actually. Your hormones tend to go a little crazy at times, and this can mean that the oil pumps in your skin do too. They suddenly start pumping out oodles of oil, which then clogs the pores and leads to breakouts. Yikes! That’s never fun. Then you’re spending loads of your time and money struggling to suppress the breakouts. After all, no one wants to show their faces in public with pimples and zits all over it. It’s plain and simply humiliating, and does a horrible number on the self-esteem. Am I right here or what? So, what can one do to squelch this issue?

I’m not going to lie; most of us grapple with hormones and acne. Try about 80 percent of the population. The other 20 percent may never acquire a pimple in their lives. Yeah, you pretty much hate those folks with a passion, don’t you? That’s understandable. I can’t say that I understand the scheme of things myself. Why couldn’t God simply have created mankind without any skin afflictions? Oh well, there’s no use complaining about hormones and acne. It certainly won’t clear up your skin. Anyway, when it comes to the burden of hormones and acne, you can basically expect the bomb to drop on you in your teen years. I recall the first time I ever got a zit. I was 14 years old and it was on my chin. I remember gazing into the mirror and cringing. The war had begun. There was me the hero, and zits were the enemy. Heck, they could make a movie about it. Okay, that may be a boring flick. Regardless, I tried everything in the book to beat blemishes back. First it was rubbing alcohol, and then it was Clearasil and Oxy 10. There was no stopping me. However it wasn’t until age 19 that I really found a product that worked. For me it was just Neutrogena face wash and an acne moisturizer. That did the trick. What acne remedies work best for you and your complexion?

Well, if you’re concerned about hormones and acne, I suggest that you get the scoop on some new products. In addition to all the creams, gels and facial cleansers, there is also something natural. These days you can tackle hormones and acne with natural oral supplements. Get on the web to find out more.