The Canon PowerShot A640

10 megapixel digital camera has been described as «bursting with creative options». This sounds a bit optimistic, but it’s actually true. Canon has put together a great digital camera for photo enthusiasts, and it won’t even leave you with an empty wallet.

Professionals and photography teachers alike use the Canon PowerShot A640 as their «walking around» camera for everyday use. The quality of the pictures is undeniable, especially when printing. The Canon PowerShot A640 receives high marks for its 11×14 printed photos, with users often calling the quality of the pictures «incredible». If you do a lot of photo printing, this could be the digital camera for you.

As mentioned before, the Canon PowerShot A640 is a 10 megapixel digital camera. It has 4x optical and digital zoom capabilities. The camera’s minimum focal length is 7.3mm, with a maximum focal length of 29.2mm. The minimum shutter speed is 15 seconds, with a maximum of 1/2500 of a second. Images are produced in JPEG format.

The Canon PowerShot A640 has automatic and manual focus modes, as well as programmed, automatic, manual, aperture priority, and shutter priority exposure settings. This guarantees great shots in any level of light. And with a 2.5 inch LCD and real-image zoom, photographers can preview their shots in great detail.

Like many of its peers, the Canon PowerShot A640 has a frame video mode and self-timer for those who want to include themselves in their pictures. The camera has 32MB onboard memory and is compatible with SDHC Memory Card, MultiMediaCard, and SD memory cards. It comes with a wrist strap along with A/V and USB cables. At 8 ounces in weight and 2.6 in x 4.3 in x 1.9 in (HxWxD), the PowerShot A640 is about average in size.

What do PowerShot A640 owners think about their cameras? By and large, they are thrilled with their purchase. Some do point out that certain extra features are available, but only at an additional cost. For example, the A640 has no image stabilization, no information in the viewfinder, and no RAW setting. To get these extra features, customers have to spend extra money – approximately $200 more.

Some users complain that their photos lose quality when taken in low light situations. Wide angles and close-ups are subject to barrel distortion in any light. Others share their unhappiness about seemingly small things, such as the wrist strap being too near the USB port, or the battery cover seeming a little flimsy. One should note, however, that there have been no reports of customers needing to replace their A640 due to any defects or physical damage.

The Canon PowerShot A640 is about on par with similar cameras in its price range, but it stands apart because of the high recommendations it has earned from people who know digital cameras well. The A640 sells for approximately $300 US.