The Kodak EasyShare C613

Top 10 Digital Camera Reviews: The Kodak EasyShare C613

The Kodak EasyShare C613 is a low-cost digital camera designed to simplify picture sharing. It comes with special Kodak EasyShare software that makes uploading a breeze. Users like the camera’s clear pictures, large LED, and affordable price. It’s also got enough buttons to perform useful functions, but not so many that the camera becomes complicated. It can also double as a video camera, and a custom camera docking station can be purchased and affixed to the top of your printer to make photo sharing and printing easier than ever. The sturdy build of the camera and the detailed Getting Started guide included with the software make this a nice camera for teens or beginning digital photographers.

First announced at PMA 2007, the Kodak EasyShare C613 is a six megapixel camera with a 3x optical zoom lens, a 2.4″ generous LCD display, and 10MB of built-in memory. Attractive and compact, this is the perfect digital camera for everyday use. The camera sports a USB port for easy connectivity, and an SD/MMC card slot. It is powered by two AA batteries. A wrist strap keeps the camera from falling out of the photographer’s grip.

One thing professionals and hobbyists like about this digital camera is its selection of scene modes. There are settings for portraits, nighttime portraits, landscapes, close-up pictures, documents, action, and low lighting. The camera has a top ISO sensitivity of 1,250. Scene modes include sports, snow, beach, backlight, museum, fireworks, high ISO, self-portrait, and many more. There is a special setting for just about anything you’d want to photograph, which makes for clearer pictures with true colors.

Even more fun for kids of all ages is the camera’s video mode. You can record up to eighty minutes of movies complete with audio. The videos are recorded in Quick Time MPEG4 format, in VGA or QVGA resolutions. Kids especially like this option, since the videos can be uploaded to the computer in a ready-to-play format that they can share with relatives and friends.

User reviews are enthusiastic. Many rate this camera’s performance equal to that of cameras which cost much more. Some users didn’t have high hopes when they saw the low price tag of the Kodak EasyShare C613, but they were impressed the moment they started taking pictures. This affordable digital camera gets high marks across the board. In fact, the only common complaint is the speed with which this camera drains it batteries. Some users compensate for this by turning off the camera in between shots, but the typical life of the AA batteries seems to be about 200 photos. Rechargeable batteries are recommended.

The Kodak EasyShare C613 is available at all major electronics stores, and online. It retails for $90-$120 US. If you’re looking for a small, sturdy camera that won’t drain your wallet, check out the Kodak EasyShare C613. It outperforms its peers and gives users just what they want: sharp, colorful, high quality images and videos.