Tips for Finding Relevant Interviewees for Your Podcast

If you decide you would like to invite guests to be interviewed on your podcast, there are a number of ways to find people connected with your topic or niche who will be able to deliver the kind of relevant information that your audience will be eager for.

1. People you know

Start with people you already know. Ask them if they would like to participate. They should be able to talk about the niche in an intelligent way. Even ask people you don’t agree with. It could make for a very lively podcast.

People to ask might include friends, family, colleagues, mentors and so on.

2. People in your niche you would like to connect with

Create a form letter you can email to people you would like to connect with, inviting them on your podcast to talk about X topic, or to suggest one of their own they would like to discuss. You could interview them, or just give them a guest spot to talk about whatever they wish.

3. Your audience

Invite members of your audience who have something to say about your niche to join in. You could interview them, talk about things beginners need to know and what sort of questions they have, and so on. Get them to interview YOU and pick your brain, and see how much great content you can create together.

4. Ask the people you interview

If the interview goes well, ask them if they know other people who might be interested in being interviewed as well. Chances are they know some top people who would be great to have on.

5. Connect with authors in your niche

Check out the top authors in your niche, especially if they have published a book recently. Chances are they will be eager to talk about it.

6. People who sell products in your niche

If you are running a podcast, chances are it is because you wish to sell more products related to your niche – either as an affiliate marketer earning a commission, or as a product creator yourself who wants to make as much money as they can out of the products and services you offer to your niche audience.

That being the case, you will either have people or companies you work with, or competitors or partners in your niche. If you are an affiliate, ask the person or company you are selling for.

You don’t need to invite a direct competitor, but if someone offers complementary products to your line, there’s no reason why you couldn’t invite them to come talk about their work. You might even be able to forge a joint partnership deal, leading listeners to a particular sales page and then splitting the profits from any sales made through that page.

Make sure the podcast isn’t all about selling, though. Be sure to offer real value that will help describe a common problem in your niche, offer solutions and then connect with the solution you are trying to sell.

7. Forums and social media

See who are the most passionate participants and invite them.

8. People in the news

Check Google News for stories related to your niche.

9. Magazines

See who is making headlines and whether or not they would be willing to chat with you.

These are just a few of the ways you can find relevant interviewees. Put the needs of your audience first and then see how many great guests you can come up with.