Emotional Infidelity

Emotional infidelity is not all it’s cracked up to be. Sneaking around, trying not to be seen by anyone you know, lying and trying to keep all the lies straight is not an easy task. You try to justify your thoughts and actions by trying to convince yourself that your relationship with your spouse is not as good as it was.

When you first got married, you promised to love and cherish, not deceive and cheat. You were supposed to be working together for your future and the future of your children. Your relationship was good between you and your spouse before your emotional infidelity. So what went wrong? Some where along the line you decided to forget about all the good times and start thinking only of yourself and what you want.

You deliberately push thoughts of your spouse away and try not to thoink about what this will do to them when they catch you. At first you may feel the rush that comes along with the danger of what you are doing and that feeling may keep you going back for more. The stolen moments are just that, stolen.

You may think that you are getting away with something but the reality of the situation is that no matter how you try to hide things, your behavior at home has most likely changed and she knows something is up with you. You really are only fooling yourself. The guilt you feel is making you distant and irritable. You say and do things that make her feel like everything is her fault.

The pain you inflict will only increase when you do finally get caught. Any trust she had for you will be completely gone and she will feel devastated. If you care about her at all you will stop what you are doing before it gets any more complicated. She does not deserve the hurt you are about to cause.

Your affair is jeopardizing both your relationships with your respective spouses, or significant others and even your children. Think about how they will feel when you get caught then get a divorce. They will feel they have to choose between their parents. Do you really want to only see them every other weekend and two weeks in the summer? That is where you are headed.

Just stop and think about what you are doing and the consequences. Ask yourself if you really want to be responsible for destroying the lives of everyone involved. If you truly can say that you do not care about anyone but yourself then go ahead with your affair. Just be ready for the other shoe to drop, you will probably lose everything and end up all alone.

People who cheat are selfish and they do it without any regard for the other people in their lives thinking of nothing but their own self-gratification. Emotional infidelity will cause you and everyone concerned nothing but heartache. You really need to start acting like the adult you are supposed to be.