How To Get Over Someone You Love

A Heartbreak Guide

Do you know how to get over someone you love? If you have had a deep, meaningful experience with a partner and the relationship goes sour, you may not know how to get over someone you love.

At first, you will feel terribly hurt and alone. Accept your pain – don’t fight it. You spent a good amount of time and emotional energy on your ex, and that won’t heal in a hurry. It is okay to cry. Talk to your friends and family about how they dealt with a break up.

One useful thing to do at this stage is to write a letter to your ex. Pour out everything that is in your heart. Talk about your love, your expectations, and your pain. Many people find that this letter runs pages in length. Take your time composing it.

Then, when you have said everything that needs saying, roll up the letter and burn it.

That’s right. What ever you do, do not mail this letter to your ex. The purpose of the letter was for you to emote. But, don’t keep the letter lying around either. You want a symbolic ending. Burning gives you a sense of finality that even throwing the letter away won’t give you.

As you get a little bit of perspective on the relationship, the next step in how to get over someone you love is to analyze what went wrong. As unlikely as it seems right now, you will have other relationships. If you learn from the mistakes in this one, the next one has a better chance of success.

Keep your distance from your ex. That will help you in how to get over someone you love. As soon after the break up as possible, exchange any property you have of each others, and then do a complete separation for 30 days. Agree that you won’t call, text, or email each other for a month. This will give you time to recover from the break up.

Use this time to work on areas of your own life that you have neglected. If you have ignored friends because your romantic relationship took up too much time, use this period in your life to reconnect. Friends can provide a valuable support network during this time.

Start working on your own emotional and physical health during this time. Take time to go to the gym and consider getting therapy to help your psyche heal.

You should also look into ways to improve yourself. Join a hiking club. Take a class at the local community center. Take tango lessons. As you work on becoming a better person, the hurt of the relationship will begin to fade away.

You will meet a whole new circle of people when you get involved in activities you enjoy. Some of these people will become friends. And, one may become a soul mate.

And isn’t forming a new relationship the ultimate answer to the question “how to get over someone you love?”