Marriage Infidelity

What are some signs of marriage infidelity? If you think you are seeing some signs then this article will help you know for sure. Keep tabs on how many of these signs you have seen or even just suspect.

Is he spending less and less time at home with you? If you find that he gets mad at you for wanting him home and you are begging him to spend time with you. If he picks a fight and storms out every time you ask him for a little bit of his time, this may be a sign he is having an affair.

Does he leave home early for work and come home late? If he leaves the house in the morning before you wake up or starts making excuses about having to work late and can’t, or won’t, look you in the eye when he does get home you may have to start to worry that he is having an affair.

Has he started to pay more attention to his appearance or begun to work out everyday? He may be trying to get in shape to impress some young woman at the office or gym. Ask him if you can go along with him when he works out. If he makes some excuse why you can’t go with him this is a good indication that he is meeting someone he does not want you to know about.

You could look for the old standby signs of lipstick on his shirt collar or a receipt for a special gift that he buys that you have no knowledge of. Is he spending more money every week and telling you he needs the money to woo his clients? Yeah, he’s wooing someone and it probably isn’t a client.

He may be trying to hide something he’s doing on the sly if he rushes out to the mailbox every day so you don’t get there first. If you get a chance, check the credit card bill for charges to a hotel or motel. A sign that he is having an affair can’t get much clearer than that.

If you try to call him at work during the day and he gets harder and harder to get a hold of, it may mean he is hiding something, or someone, from you. You could try to surprise him at work just before lunch, but just be careful you may see something you really do not want to see.

Another way to tell if he may be cheating is if he seems to have no interest in sex any more. Sex with you that is. Remember, he is a man and men by their very nature cannot go without sex for very long so if he isn’t getting it from you he is getting it from someone else.

If you have been married for many years, you can probably tell when he is lying. So, ask him whether or not he is cheating on you, and pay close attention to his response. You will be able to see the truth in his eyes even if he tells you that he is not cheating on you.

Keep your eyes open for any major changes in his behavior like getting rid of the gray hairs, wearing a new cologne, or buying new clothes. If you do notice something bring it up to him and see how he reacts, pay close attention to his body language and whether or not he looks you in the eye during your conversation. These are examples of things to watch out for when looking for signs of marriage infidelity.