Wedding Bachelor Party

What The Groom Will Remember Years Later

If a guy’s got to go through a wedding, bachelor party is a necessity. The wedding is a woman’s event. She gets to be queen for a day. But it’s not something most guys give two minutes of thought to, unless it’s brought up by the bride to be. A wedding bachelor party, therefore, is what the guy gets out of the ceremony.

A wedding bachelor party is a time to hang out with the guys and do the kinds of things that will be “off limits” once he gets hitched. It’s the wedding bachelor party and not the ceremony itself that will be remembered by most guys.

Wedding bachelor parties are getting more elaborate these days. What once was a poker game with a stripper or a trip to a steakhouse followed by a night at a strip club has morphed into weekend long road trips. Could this be because people have more money to spend on the whole wedding “event?” Or is it just in guys’ natures to compete with each other?

In either case, a wedding bachelor party now can mean going away for the weekend. If you are a groomsman in on the planning of such an extended event, you may want to get help from the Bride for the planning. For instance, if you are going to surprise your friend, the Bride can help with the planning and even swipe his passport if you are taking him out of the country.

Perhaps no place is better suited for an “end of bachelorhood” event than Las Vegas. Between the casinos and the topless shows, there’s something for every element of the bachelor party. Consider going around an event such as the Superbowl or March Madness when you can take full advantage of the sports book. And, as everyone knows, what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas.

New Orleans at Marti Gras is another favorite place for a wedding bachelor party. Debauchery is the name of the game and a bachelor party goes over well in this city.

If your buddy is athletic, consider a trip that he can be active on. Whether it is a fishing trip in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico or a Ski weekend in Whistler, Canada, keep him busy doing something he loves.

On that same note, encourage him to do something that his wife to be might put off limits. For instance, go skydiving or parasailing. It’s an event he’ll remember long after he says “I do.”

Another thing to consider is taking him on a dream sporting events trip. How about the New York Yankees meeting the Boston Red Socks? Can you get tickets to a college Bowl game? These kinds of events, paired with a great steak and a trip to a nudie bar, can be quite memorable for some time.

Whatever you do for your buddy for his wedding Bachelor party, make it fun and memorable.