Wild Bachelor Party

A Best Mans Walk On The Wild Side

Are you a best man trying to throw a wild bachelor party for your best friend? Are you looking for more than just a poker night or a trip to a strip club? Do you want to make the most of your friend’s last days as a free man? Well, here are some ideas on how to throw a wild bachelor party.

First of all, if you are planning a truly wild bachelor party, don’t do it the night before the wedding. The weekend before is a good time. If the wedding is on a Saturday, consider a Thursday party. That’s because the Bride will kill you if the groom shows up to her big day hung over and tired.

Next, you need to decide how many people are going to attend this wild bachelor party. Part of the decision will depend on the level of expense. The more expensive the party is, the fewer people will be able to participate. But in no case do you want more than 20 people. More than that is just too many to manage.

Speaking of expenses, plan your budget. The members of the bachelor party should all contribute something and in no case should the groom himself be expected to contribute.

You may want to get the bride involved in bachelor party planning. Not only will she be more willing to let the party go forward, she also may help you pull it off.

For instance, if you are going to surprise the Groom with a weekend away from home, she can help you pack and even get you his passport if necessary.

Trips for a wild bachelor party are becoming more popular. Las Vegas is the ultimate bachelor party destination. If the wedding’s date permits it, a trip to New Orleans during the Marti Gras celebration can make a wild bachelor party he’ll never forget.

But a wild bachelor party doesn’t have to involve lots of alcohol and strippers. Many bachelor parties are not centering around golf (Scottsdale, AZ) sport fishing (Cabo San Lucas), and Skiing (Whistler, British Columbia, Canada).

Think about building “guy memories” as part of your bachelor party planning. For instance, a trip to New York City to see the Yankees face off against the Red Socks (followed, of course by one of Times Square’s great strip clubs) might be one of the memories he cherishes forever.

While you may ask the Bride to help you with the planning, if you are planning a real guy’s wild bachelor party, everyone involved must resolve to keep the events of the night or weekend secret. If there are any loose lips, you can be sure the bride will hear about the experience. You don’t want your friend humiliated and cuckolded by his new wife as a result of your wild bachelor party.

If you are a best man charged with planning the ultimate wild bachelor party, keep in mind the sensibilities of the groom, the memories you can make, and the price range you can spend.

That’s how you plan a wild bachelor party.